All our producers live within a maximum of fifteen miles from their market, so we are especially local to you, this makes our food miles very low. Our plants will thrive in your garden as they are right for the soil conditions of your area. Our vegetables are picked and packed either the day before or in some cases on the morning of the market,  Other than the usual items that you can buy from us, such as home made cakes, pies, savouries, preserves of many flavours, local honey, fresh vegetables and plants for your garden as well as eggs and in a few markets fresh meat direct from the producer. We also sell cards and craft items which are also helping to keep the traditional crafts alive.

We can also produce tailor made products just for you. A special cake, for a birthday or anniversary or an old favourite in preserves, we can adjust a recipe to your requirements, so if there is an ingredient you don’t like or your body cannot tolerate, then we can produce something just for you. None of our cooked items contain any preservatives or colourings and as they are freshly made can be frozen.

We can also send a hamper to someone special, using our national scheme, by which a local market is contacted, you tell them what you want included in your hamper, they then make it up and deliver a hamper of goodies for you.