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 Every Friday Morning from 8.30 to 11.30 am

  Held in the Methodist Church Hall, High Street, Gillingham.

  A co-operative market selling fresh home produced goods to the public.

Orders can be taken and we will deliver to your home if you are not able to visit our Market


Coffee, tea and home made cookies and cakes always available, NEW- Hot chocolate with Marshmallow.

COOKED FOOD – Cakes, cookies, fruit pies, traditional seasonal cakes, savoury flans, pasties, sausage rolls, meat pies.

PRESERVES – Jams, marmalade’s, jellies, local honey, chutneys and pickles.

DAIRY – Free range  and organic eggs.

GARDEN PRODUCE – Vegetables and fruits when in season.

LOCAL FRESH MEAT – Organic BeefBred at Cools Farm near East Knoyle.

FLOWERS – Fresh flowers and foliage in bunches and posies, when in season.

PLANTS – Bedding plants, Vegetable plants  and perennials, when in season.

GIFTS – Jewellery, original hand made cards, wooden gifts, woollens,  prints of local scenes,  ceramics.


Our Gifts will provide you with a wide range of  Presents for that special day, including- Ceramics, Jewellery, Wooden items and Framed Photographic Pictures to Order




ORGANIC BEEF   Supplied by COOLS FARM, EAST KNOYLE.   Will be at our Market from  February. Also on the following dates:-

                                                                                                                        19th December.

Should you wish to oder anything special, please contact us the MONDAY BEFORE  each of these dates. Cools Farm. East Knoyle, Salisbury, SP3 6DB

Tel: 01747 830720   Email:    Quentin & Maggie Edwards and Fiona Ball.



Gillingham Country Market is very pleased to wecome Tim & Dawn Wilton from Hardings Farm, Buckhorn Weston. with a range of Pedigree Pork and Lamb.

which is available in 1/2  and 1/4 boxes ready for freezing . A selection of cuts are available at the Friday Market. 

                                                                For more info or to place an order please call Tim Wilton   Tel:01963 371232   Mobile:07720 345950

                                                                                               or E-Mail: Sales @


                                                                                                              12th December we will have Gammon, Bacon and Beef

                                                                                                       19th December we will have Gammon, Bacon, Beef and Lamb


 19th December is the FINAL Christmas Market for all your Mince Pies, traditional seasonal cakes, savoury flans, pasties, sausage rolls, meat pies.

Gillingham Country Market wish all our VERY SPECIAL CUSTOMERS a Very Happy Christmas. Thank You for supporting us in 2014 our 2015 Friday Markets

return on 9th JANUARY


Celebrate Christmas



 LAST MARKET OF 2014 – 19th December


                                                                                  *******For information please contact:- June Whalley Market Organiser 01747 852983*******

                                                                                             DO NOT FORGET THAT YOU CAN ORDER HAMPERS  any time through the year.







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